In the News – March 2023

NEW COVID variant cause sticky red eyes!
There is a new Covid variant named Arcturus which in some people’s opinion gives children itchy or sticky eyes similar to conjunctivitis. Previously the so-called “Madras Eye” used to be caused mostly by Adeno virus. Arcturus Virus used to be called Omicron subvariant XBB.1 .16 has landed on the WHO’s radars after surfacing in India. It has been touted by many as the “one to watch” virus for this year.

HIV cured by stem cell transplantation.
53-year-old man who was suffering from acute myeloid leukaemia in 2013 was treated with stem cells known to have an HIV resistant mutation. Researchers had found that the immune cells in the patient’s body has reacted to the HIV virus and has stopped its multiplication . This patient was declared cured of HIV and has since stopped taking ART (antiretroviral therapy). This man referred to as the “Düsseldorf patient” is the fifth person to be declared cured of HIV in the world. However, this treatment with stem cell transplantation is unlikely to be offered to HIV positive patients who don’t have leukaemia. It is believed that there are 38 million people worldwide living with HIV at this point in time.

Chickpea flour bread can keep you fuller for longer and reduce your sugars if you are diabetic!
Bread made with new ingredients I.e.,chickpea flour has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels after eating and also helps to keep people feeling full for a longer period of time. This obviously has great benefits for people with diabetes and are overweight. Replacing 30% of the wheat flour with chickpea flour has been shown in a recent study to release certain satiety signals from the gut to the brain thereby making people feel fuller . This is also shown to reduce the post meal blood glucose rise by up to 40% after having this special bread made of chickpea flour. This is in keeping with the usual advice for diabetics and those are overweight to reduce their consumption of refined or polished grains and increase their intake of high fibre containing foods. Legumes like chick peas are also being widely recommended for the same reasons in that they have more complex Carbohydrates (difficult to digest) associated with a reduction in the post meal blood glucose spikes and they ofcourse give you more proteins, especially for Diabetics and vegetarians.