What should you do if you are a close contact with a proven case of COVID 19!

As the Covid pandemic sweeps across India, more and more people are testing positive for Covid by PCR testing. This article is written to give some information and advice to those who are in close contact with those infected. This article is meant only to give the reader some information and not to replace a doctors consultation.

The first thing to do is to ensure that the person is definitely positive by COVID19 PCR testing.

If you also have fever, cough or cold you must see your own doctor and get a prescription from him.

If you have no symptoms whatsoever at present, you could get an ECG done. After showing the ECG to your doctor, you might be advised to take PROPHYLAXIS for COVID19. At present, prophylaxis is only recommended for Health care workers and not for the lay public.

The usual protocol of prophylaxis offered would be

​1. Tab. HCQS 200mg, 2 tabs twice daily on day one followed by 1 tablet twice daily once a ​    week for 7 doses.

​2. Other medicines that could also be taken are

​       – Limcee 500mg once daily (Vit C)

​       – Ascazin 50mg twice daily for 10 days ( Zinc)

​       – Tayo 60K once a week for 4 doses (Vit D)

                  – Maxum or A-Z once daily (Multivitamin)

What else is recommended for you?

You would be advised to self quarantine indoors at home, ideally in a single room with bath/toilet attached. You would be advised to wear a mask at all times. The room must be kept absolutely clean and must be swept and swabbed twice daily. All surfaces must be cleaned with disinfectant (Hypocholorite solution). Your clothes may need to washed seperately. It would also be imperative for you to keep your distance from the high risk people such as the elderly, diabetics and those with heart lung liver and kidney disease and to avoid gatherings. 

What can you do in case you develop symptoms?

The usual symptoms of COVID19 are fever, sore throat, dry cough, breathlessness, extreme fatigue, headache, body aches, loss of smell and taste. In case you develop symptoms I would recommend that you contact your own doctor for a prescription medicines to ease your symptoms. 

You would also do well if you socially distance yourself and put yourself in self quarantine. If symptoms persist beyond 3 day you could get a PCR test done for COVID19. For this you may need to see a doctor and get a requisition form for the same. 

If you test positive, your doctor would give you a prescription for treatment. Hospital admission would only be needed in case of high fever, persistent severe cough and progressive breathlessness.

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